Government Partial Shutdown Impact on Logistics

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Government Partial Shutdown Impact on Logistics



Government Partial Shutdown Impact on Logistics

While the situation is evolving and could change any time we can report the following summary on the impact of the partial government shutdown at the moment.

  • There should be normal processing of import/export shipments by Customs and Border Protection as most of their staff is considered essential.

  • FDA has announced that we can expect normal processing of import shipments at this time. Other government agencies will be monitored as necessary.

  • Air traffic controllers are considered essential and we do not expect interruption of air traffic. TSA is also supposed to be operating security procedures in the normal fashion

  • The National Highway Safety Traffic Administration is furloughing approximately 560 employees which could result in the suspension for some enforcement, research and rule-making activities.

Since some of these organizations do have some staff deemed non-essential we could see some impacts on normal shipment processing if the shutdown is a pro-longed one. We understand Congress is working on a "quick" resolution and we are sure you will know when any resolution is made public. If we see any disruption to the processing of international shipments we will keep you advised.