High Winds Impact East Coast Port Activity - Update No. 1

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High Winds Impact East Coast Port Activity - Update No. 1



High Winds Impact East Coast Port Activity - Update No. 1

Winds gusting from 55 to 70 miles per hour has resulted in the Coast Guard restricting vessel movements in the ports of Norfolk, Baltimore and Delaware River (Philadelphia, Camden and Wilmington). This is expected to last until at least noon on Saturday.

Also many terminal operations are being stopped or significantly restricted. Terminals in Norfolk/Hampton Roads have closed gates to all truck traffic today (EXCEPT VIG which may close soon).

Baltimore container terminals opened late at 0930 but wind conditions are being closely monitored for possible changes. The MPA has announced that Friday March 2nd will be a free day in Baltimore container terminals even though open for truck traffic at the moment.

The U.S. Coast Guard COPT in the Delaware River has implemented Condition WHISKEY which requires all vessels and terminals to take precautionary measures to prepare for high wind conditions.

The port operations in NY/NJ are currently not restricting ocean vessel movements but if winds get up to 34 knots this could change. Current wind conditions are around 25 knots. Shipping operations and truck activity at terminals are operating normally at this time and is subject to change as winds pick up later today.

High winds in the Mid-Atlantic region have knocked power in many areas. Our NY/NJ office is without power and our staff is working remotely

These heavy wind conditions are expected to last about 24 hours so we are hopeful that normal terminal and shipping operations will resume sometime Saturday.

Our team will be working to minimize any disruptions to the movement of cargo as much as possible while these terminals are shut down. At this point we have not heard of any vessel schedule diversions or delays but there will clearly be at least some delays with vessel ETA/ETDs scheduled for Friday and Saturday.

These wind conditions are somewhat erratic and could be changing even as you read this report. We will do our best to advise you of any changes in the port operations and how it might impact your particular shipments. Please feel free to contact your Connor representative for further up to date information or questions.