China Customs Advance Manifest (CCAM) #2

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China Customs Advance Manifest (CCAM) #2



China Customs Advance Manifest (CCAM) #2

Our national association, NCBFAA, is currently monitoring the CCAM status:
NCBFAA is working diligently on providing guidance on the new requirements for shipments to China. The regulations are confusing and in some cases contradictory. We will send a blast as soon as our research is complete. Meanwhile here are some important links.

The GACC published the original requirements in 2008 in Decree No. 172. These specific requirements were not implemented in 2008. Customs announced in Notice No. 56 that implement would begin June 1, 2018. (See links to the notices below).

Links to the GACC notices: Official Chinese Decree No.172 of the General Administration of Customs: Administration of Manifests of Inbound and Outbound Means of Transport English translation of Decree No 172

Official Chinese Notification of China Customs Order No. 56 (2017): Adjustment to China Customs Advance Manifest (CCAM) Regulation

English translation from Google of Customs Order No. 56