Amazon FBA Services

Key Services

  • Transportation from Shipper’s door to Amazon’s door
  • Foreign & US Local Trucking (Drayage)
  • Foreign Warehouse Storage

-Shippers / Importers can store cargo and hold for the next FCL shipment.
-Vendors can order larger quantities of products at lower unit cost and store in Foreign Warehouse for next FCL shipment.

  • Sorting, Pick and Repack, Labelling (cartons and / or pallets), Palletization to Amazon Specifications
  • Export / Import Customs Declaration / Clearance

-John S. Connor, Inc. coordinates with vendor and suppliers to coordinate the entire supply chain process, including proper documentation and communication for status and tracking.

  • Regular Vendor Consolidation Services for multiple Shippers / Importers

-Creating consolidations for full container loads takes advantage of the following:
-Lower transportations costs versus traditional LCL shipment
-Less handling and damage (no devanning and segregation at a CFS       station)
-Transit time savings and less individual LTL shipments
-Consolidated containers ship directly to Amazon Fulfillment Centers (no rehandling in the US)

  • John S. Connor, Inc. tracks cargo and has trucker schedule for proper delivery.
  • Quality Control for any damaged cargo prior to leaving Origin

-Partner agent notifies John S. Connor on arrival of any damaged cargo with photos taken.
-John S. Connor notifies Importer and determines what actions to be taken (ex. Opening cartons for further inspection, replacing outer cartons, etc.)
-Once corrective action is complete, shipment moves forward.
-After customs clearance delivery can be to  your warehouse for QC prior to delivery to Amazon

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