Code of Business Conduct

A hallmark of the history of our company and, indeed, the essence of providing logistics services to our clients is conducting our business with integrity.  Our business involves the handling of confidential client information (refer to our confidentiality policy in the employee guide on Page 14), the filing of information with various government agencies, compliance with a multitude of domestic and foreign government regulations and moving freight on public and private transportation conveyances.  If we lose the trust and confidence of our clients, vendor partners or government regulators, our business will be in jeopardy.

It shall always be the policy of John S. Connor, Inc. to conduct our business in accord with all laws and regulations pertaining to the operation of our business and the carrying out of services on behalf of our clients.  We can and will carry out our mission and do the right thing at all times.  It is the responsibility of each member of the management and staff to ensure that this happens.  If there is any doubt or question about any action you are considering, or see another member of our team considering, you are required to bring it to the attention of your manager, or a member of the top management staff.  If you have a concern or questions about the ethics of a request being made by a client you should bring this to the attention of your manager.  Non-compliance with this policy could subject employees to sanctions up to and including termination.