Hurricane Florence Update - Message 4

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Hurricane Florence Update - Message 4



Hurricane Florence Update - Message 4

Hurricane Florence's predicted path as been adjusted so that it appears South Carolina will be getting the direct hit sometime Friday morning but North Carolina and Georgia will also be feeling a strong impact. Georgia has now declared a state of emergency and Norfolk is still preparing for severe storm conditions and flooding though perhaps not as severe as expected a couple days ago.

Current port status update as follows:

Baltimore - operating normally but still preparing for possible flooding and severe weather this weekend. Vessel traffic subject to USCG opening Cape Henry passage which is currently closed.

Norfolk - terminals now open today and operating normally except no handling of inbound or outbound empty reefer containers. Shipping channels closed to inbound and outbound traffic. Also, empty container yards at PPCY and RSA will be closed on Thursday and secured for storm conditions. Operating status for Friday to be determined mid-day today but heavy wind and rains expected to cause flooding and possible power outages and downed trees in the area.

Wilmington, NC (and Morehead City) - currently closed today, tomorrow and Saturday at which time status will be evaluated and further information communicated.

Charleston - same as NC ports. Sunday status subject to conditions and expecting to be open on Monday.

Savannah - port open today and, at this moment, expected to be open Friday with some limitations for the delivery of export loads due to the anticipated volume of activity and storm preparation.

All rail ramp operations have closed at all the above ports until storm conditions allow reopening which is not expected until Sunday at the earliest. The current storm track once it hits land spreads out through the southeast and will impact rail and road traffic in the Carolinas, Georgia, Virginia and even eastern Alabama, Tennesee and Kentucky.

Customs and Border Protection has announced procedures for handling cargo that may have to be diverted to other ports due to storm conditions and vessel schedules. Be advised we will be able to clear cargo where ever it is discharged but may have to make adjustments for entries filed in one part when cargo is discharged at another. Shippers should keep in mind this could result in additional charges to effect final delivery and will be subject to each shipping line's decisions and tariff rules for handling these situations.

Please let us know if any questions and we will continue to pass on updates as received. We expect more updates to be forthcoming from various sources today.