Hurricane Dorian Update

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Hurricane Dorian Update



Hurricane Dorian Update

Hurricane Dorian continues to have major impact on U.S. East Coast port operations, as well as airports, trucking and rail operations. It continues to move slowly up the Florida coast. Although there is still some uncertainty about its course the ports of Savannah and Charleston are bracing for severe wind, rain and storm surge over the next 48 hours.

Current status:

Freeport, Bahamas - closed with no certain re-opening time due to severe damage. This has potential significant impact on shippers using MSC/Maersk vessels which use Freeport as a major transshipping point. Maersk has provided the following status updates on affected vessels:

  • TP18 ------ RHODOS 935W ---------------------- Omitted
  • TP11 ------ SEAMAX NORWALK 934E -------- Omitted
  • TA6 -------- MSC TORONTO 934E -------------- Omitted
  • TP17 ------ ER MONTECITO 935E ------------- Decide Sept 4.
  • TA3 -------- MSC METHONI 935E --------------- Decide Sept 4.
  • AMEX ----- MAERSK VISBY 935S -------------- Decide Sept 4.
  • TA6 -------- MSC LUCY 933W -------------------- Decide Sept 4.
  • TA6 -------- SEALAND WASHINGTON 935E - Decide Sept 4.
  • TP11 ------ MAERSK KAWASAKI 935E -------- Decide Sept 4.
  • TP18 ------ MAERSK KOLKATA 936W --------- Decide Sept 4.
  • AMEX ----- NORTHERN DEBONAIR 934S --- Decide Sept 4.
  • TA3 -------- MAERSK GIRONDE 936E --------- Decide Sept 4.
  • TA6 -------- MSC CHARLESTON 934W -------- Decide Sept 4.
  • TP17 ------ GUNDE MAERSK 936E ------------ Decide Sept 4.
  • AMEX ----- CAPE MOSS 936S ------------------ Decide Sept 4.
  • TP11 ------ MAERSK SALTORO 936E --------- Decide Sept 4.

Miami - port operations open as of 0700 hours this morning (NOTE: POMTOC and Port Everglades expected to re-open Thursday Sept 5th) Jacksonville - remains closed with opening date TBC Savannah - Closed today and tomorrow, expecting to open Friday Sept. 6 Charleston - Closed today and tomorrow, expecting to open Friday Sept. 6 Norfolk/Hampton Roads - remains open for now with heavy weather expected in about 48 hours.

Many airports on the southeast coast are closed or have cancelled numerous flights which obviously impacts air cargo will likely cause a backlog to work through once the storm clears. Both the CSX and Norfolk Southern railroads are still not operating to Savannah and Charleston and are awaiting word on when these ports will be open.

We will continue to monitor and keep you advised.