Hurricane Dorian Update 2

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Hurricane Dorian Update 2



Hurricane Dorian Update 2

The hurricane, now a Category 3 storm, continues its slow moving track up the the southeast coast. It is currently off the coast of Savannah and moving toward the Carolinas where all port facilities are in full preparation mode for foul weather. Severe wind, rain and storm surge are expected over the next 48 hours in these areas.

Port status as follows:

Freeport, Bahamas still closed and opening uncertain. Maersk as provided the following update on Freeport vessel schedulesl

TP11 - SEAMAX NORWALK 934E - Omitted call – calling Kingston, Jamaica instead.

TP17 - ER MONTECITO 935E - Omitted call – calling Kingston, Jamaica instead.

TA3 - MSC METHONI 935E - Omitted call.

AMEX - MAERSK VISBY 935S - Reviewing Sept 5th if omitting call.

TA6 - MSC LUCY 933W - Omitted call – calling Kingston, Jamaica instead.

TA6 - SEALAND WASHINGTON 935E - Reviewing Sept. 5th if omitting call.

TP11 - MAERSK KAWASAKI 935E - Reviewing Sept. 5th if omitting call.

All other Freeport vessels under review – more updates expected later today. The following ports are closed and expect to re-open Friday Sept. 6

Jacksonville, Savannah, Charleston

Norfolk is currently open but U.S. Coast Guard is setting condition Zulu as of 4 PM today which means the port will be closed to all vessel movements. Terminal operations may still be possible with decisions on that due later. Friday schedule to be confirmed.

Baltimore - open with no plans to close at this time but vessel traffic to/from Baltimore will be subject to restrictions at mouth of Chesapeake which is determined by Hampton Roads Coast Guard sector (see above).

The Norfolk Southern and CSX railroad service to Savannah and Charleston is still on hold and pending port confirmations to re-open marine terminals.

We expect more information and decisions to be available later today from port authorities and carriers. We will be monitoring and do our best to keep you advised. Information is still uncertain with respect to specific port discharge plans, etc. but feel free to contact us about your shipments.