Market Update: Where's the Space?

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Market Update: Where's the Space?



Market Update: Where's the Space?

We wanted to present some updates most of which are relayed by our international partners.

Asia It’s extremely challenging on this side for space and equipment - due to many factors. Several carriers have informed they will only release Premium space in May, no FAK space. It’s likely that other carriers may follow suit. Majority of the EC space in May is Premium space and/or Diamond.
Service to U.S. inland/rail ports is even more challenging as carriers want equipment returned faster and are not willing to provide rates in many cases.

Europe Carriers are canceling bookings on short notice due to equipment shortages. Some carriers not accepting bookings until mid-May or beyond due to heavy overbooking. It is advisable to make bookings at least 6 weeks in advance. GRI to U.S. effective May 1 of $500 - $1,000

John S. Connor will continue to monitor the impacts of the global trade environment and advise on market conditions.