Update of HTS Codes for Lacey Act

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Update of HTS Codes for Lacey Act



Update of HTS Codes for Lacey Act

A reminder to all importers that the next phase of the Lacy Act implementation, which was delayed due to COVID, will go into effect on October 1, 2021 for the 27 additional tariff numbers listed below.

Note 1: APHIS said that the declaration requirement for pallets under 4415 will apply to new products only. It will not apply to used, recycled or reclaimed pallets or to pallets, empty or under load, that are used to carry goods imported into the U.S.

Note 2: APHIS removed 3301.29.5150 (other essential oils) from the list of tariff numbers covered by this implementation phase stating that the agency agrees “that this code may not provide sufficient specificity and could result in both deliberate and unintentional inaccuracies."

· 3301.29.5109 - Essential oils of cedarwood

· 3301.29.5121 - Essential oils of linaloe or bois de rose

· 3301.29.5139 - Essential oils of sandalwood

· 4202.29.2000 - Trunks, cases and suitcases of wood

· 4202.99.2000 - Other, of wood, not lined

· 4202.99.3000 - Other, of wood, lined

· 4410.12.0010 - Oriented strand board, unworked or not further worked than sanded

· 4410.12.0020 - Oriented strand board, other

· 4415.10.3000 - Packing boxes and cases with solid sides, lids and bottoms

· 4415.10.6000 - Cases, boxes, crates, drums and similar packings and cable-drums designed for use in the harvesting of fruits and vegetables

· 4415.10.9000 - Other cases, boxes, crates, drums and similar packings; cable-drums

· 4415.20.4000 - Pallets, box-pallets and other load boards and pallet collars designed for use in the harvesting of fruits and vegetables

· 4415.20.8000 - Other pallets, box-pallets and other load boards; pallet collars

· 9205.90.2000 - Wind musical instruments: bagpipes

· 9205.90.4020 - Clarinets

· 9205.90.4080 - Other (woodwind instruments)

· 9205.90.4060 - Flutes and piccolos

· 9206.00.2000 - Drums

· 9207.90.0040 - Musical instruments (fretted string instruments)

· 9209.92.2000 - Mutes, collapsible musical instrument stands and music holders for attachment to musical instruments

· 9209.92.4000 - Tuning pins

· 9209.92.6000 - Bows, parts of bows, bow hair, chin rests and other parts and accessories for string instruments played with a bow

· 9209.92.8000 - Other parts and accessories for musical instruments of heading 9202

· 9209.99.2000 - Parts and accessories for bagpipes

· 9209.99.4040 - Parts and accessories for other woodwind instruments

· 9209.99.8000 - Other parts and accessories for musical instruments

· 9620.00.5500 - Monopods, bipods, tripods and similar articles of wood.

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