Market Update: North America Terminal Operations

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Market Update: North America Terminal Operations



Market Update: North America Terminal Operations

Please note the following information from Orient Star Group regarding the recent influx of port congestion across the US.

LAX/LGB Terminal Update There are currently 22 ships (+2) at anchor awaiting berths in LAX/LGB as of Friday May 21st. All terminals are extremely congested due to the spike in import volumes and basis current projections the congestion is expected to last until through the summer.

Changes of destination (COD's) and container "dig outs" are restricted due to lack of terminal space and customers are urged to continue to expedite the pickup of their import containers and inform any COD requests at least four working days before the start of vessel operations.

Due to terminal congestion, there are still vessels switching terminal assignments. This must be kept in mind if doing OOG and overweight bookings that are supposed to be going on dock but end up in the wrong terminal or the UP off dock terminal. Hapag-Lloyd is currently shut out at most terminals facing extremely

limited single empty return options and restricted mainly to dual transactions. Local trucking delays have been considerably reduced and are expected to continue improving in the upcoming month.

The LAX/LGB rail operations from all terminals continue to deteriorate due lack of rail capacity and railcars from the UP rail. This is affecting all on/off dock intermodal.

Oakland Terminal Update

Currently there are 20 ships (-3) at anchor or drifting in the San Francisco Bay area as of May 21st. One of five berths at OICT is scheduled to be available at the end of May with three new cranes in operation.

Massive import volumes combined with labor shortages are the biggest drivers of continued congestion and vessel operations delays. While exports and empty inventory have eased recently, congestion focuses on the import surge over the last month.

Alternative gate hours continue to have low trucker participation. Vessels will be delayed in order to decrease terminal dwell, make room for incoming imports and keep terminals fluid as possible. Yard rehandling and restows on vessels due to change of rotation are creating further delays. All berths remain occupied.

New York Terminal Update

No berth congestion this week, however 2 ships are at anchor as of May 21st.Terminal yard utilization continues at manageable levels even though import dwell has increased slightly. Empty volumes continue to be an issue but extra loaders are being arranged on a weekly basis to help manage growing empty stock levels, and additional depot space has been procured within the port which will give truckers another option for the return of empties. Terminal gate turn times are currently at an acceptable service level.

Known cases of COVID amongst ILA are not having any major impact on labor availability or terminal productivity.

Savannah Terminal Update

Currently 7 ships (+5) at anchor as of May 21st. Volumes continue to be steady with high levels of import containers on terminal. Intermodal rail volumes are now moving out within 72 hours max with exception of Atlanta. NS metering due to delays with congestion in the area.