Connor Attends Global Logistics Associates Annual General Meeting

2024-05-14T19:07:23-04:00May 14th, 2024|


As a member of Global Logistics Associates, John S. Connor attended the 35th Annual General Meeting (AGM) in Cancun, Mexico, April 28-30. Attending AGM were, Jennifer Bunk, Pricing Manager, Butch Connor and Diane Olszewski, Director of Ocean Freight. Connor President, Butch Connor noted, “The Annual General Meeting is a great environment to build partnerships, friendships and develop business as we deal with a challenging and turbulent logistics environment.”

During the AGM, attendees were invited to compete in an interactive contest using the GLA app. The challenge was to solve a puzzle by using the app to search current members of GLA, contact, share news, and chat. Connor’s own Diane Olszewski (L) cruised through the various levels of the puzzle and secured 2nd place honors.

Congratulations Diane for your award and for sharing John S. Connor’s appreciation of the fine work GLA does in providing industry sales leads and new friendships, from all over the world.


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