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With more than three decades of experience, John S. Connor has the expertise to move bulk items through air cargo, shipping and trucking services. No project is too large or out-of-gauge for us to handle. We provide total land, sea and air transportation to virtually any destination in the world.

Whether it’s over-sized, high value, or unconventional cargo, JSC is equipped to manage even the most demanding of shipments. We also handle turbines, cables and blades for offshore wind projects.

For weapons and ammunition specialized cargo, we work closely with the State Department and ATF to secure special licenses. John S. Connor understands the requirements for shipping Licensed Cargo by the Department of Defense and the reporting complexities with CBP and agencies.

JSC uses a prime contractor on several US Navy contracts, for various programs. The company operates and maintains a fleet of ROV’s (Remote Operating Vehicles) and a AUV (Autonomous Underwater Vehicle), which are used for underwater searches, aircraft or vessel wreckage and/or recovery. These vehicles come with control units, cables, crane units and other equipment used to maneuver and control the units. We primarily handle air and ocean transportation for these vehicles, out of the headquarters location in Largo, MD. The shipments are usually time sensitive as they have to make a ship that takes them out to the site in the ocean, where the project is being conducted.

Another prime contractor JSC uses is for a US Government DTRA (Defense Threat Reduction Agency) Contract, providing training materials and instructing training courses on various counterterrorism topics. We air export all the training materials for various training courses globally, when the course is completed we then return the non consumables back to PAE in VA. The shipments are all imported and exported into the various countries as diplomatic cargo, which makes the shipments time sensitive and time consuming on the frontend.

Our team also performs “wheels up” customs for special air cargos which guarantees all customs clearances are completed for landing. We have worked in joint ventures with the United States Navy to assist in the recovery of cargo if an aircraft were to go down into the sea.

Recently, we were entrusted with all the customs work for the James Webb Telescope project as it journeyed home on the MN Carbrini from French Guiana. Our vessel agency ensured a swift and compliant turnaround for the final journey.



Flatrack, Mafi, Ro-Ro, and break bulk cargo

Packing and warehouse storage

White glove services – taking all packaging away

From single boxes to oversize items too large for containers


Moving large items – including tractors, mobile units, hyperbaric chambers


Coordination utility companies to move bulk items via a highway


Customs Brokerage

Superior tracking
Oversize permits
Vapor barriers, special crating
For three decades. John S. Connor has consistently provided exceptional management of our shipping needs. Our product has time-sensitive, short-shelf life requirements, with ConnorTrac we are able initiate shipments, track progress and generate reports.
We rely on Connor to deliver our product safely and on time – and they do!
Steve Phillips, Founder, Phillips Seafood


We believe that every customer deserves peace of mind, provided by a comprehensive logistics strategy and a robust technology platform that delivers real-time brokerage, logistics tracking and visualization of the supply chain.

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