JSC Handles Services For James Webb Space Telescope Vessel

2024-03-04T16:33:47-05:00February 9th, 2022|

Some opportunities come along once in a lifetime. John S. Connor’s came this year as it handled customs brokerage and provided vessel agency services for The James Webb Space Telescope Vessel!

The James Webb Space Telescope was launched successfully on December 25th, 2021. The James Webb Space Telescope will build on the legacy of the Hubble Telescope. The telescope will allow scientists and essentially the world to view, observe and study galaxy evolution, the formation of planets and stars, exoplanetary solar systems, and of course our own solar system in ways like never before. The telescope aims to answer the age-old question “are we alone in the universe?”

John S Connor’s role required many moving parts to enable the launching the James Webb telescope into space. The ship, MN Colibri was responsible for transporting the telescope to it’s launch site in French Guiana. The MN Colibri was loaded with the telescope in Seal Beach, California. From there it journeyed to French Guiana. After it was unloaded the MN Colibri made its way to the Port of Baltimore to unload some equipment that did not make it into space.

John S Connor was responsible for clearing all of the freight through customs. Our vessel agency also assisted in ensuring a swift and compliant turnaround for the MN Colibri. John S Connor was excited and humbled to be apart of this exciting project and cannot wait to see what the future holds for The James Webb Space Telescope.

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