Amazon FBA services

Amazon FBA services


Service description

We coordinate Amazon FBA services from start to finish for clients leveraging the latest in fulfillment technology. We manage transportation, both foreign and domestic, warehouse storage, sorting, picking, repackaging, and labeling, vendor consolidation, cargo tracking, and quality control for our clients.


    1. Transportation from shipper’s door to Amazon’s door
    2. Foreign & US Local Trucking (Drayage)
    3. Foreign warehouse storage
      1. Shippers / Importers can store cargo and hold for the next FCL shipment.
      2. Vendors can order larger quantities of products at lower unit cost and store in Foreign Warehouse for next FCL shipment.
    4. Sorting, pick and repack, labelling (cartons and/or pallets), palletization to Amazon Specifications
    5. Export/import customs declaration/clearance
      1. Coordination with vendor and suppliers to coordinate the entire supply chain process, including proper documentation and communication for status and tracking.
    6. Regular vendor consolidation services for multiple shippers / importers
      1. Creating consolidations for full container loads takes advantage of the following:
        1. Lower transportations costs versus traditional LCL shipment
        2. Less handling and damage (no devanning and segregation at a CFS station)
        3. Transit time savings and less individual LTL shipments
        4. Consolidated containers ship directly to Amazon Fulfillment Centers (no rehandling in the US)
    7. We. track cargo and trucker schedules for proper delivery.
    8. Quality control for any damaged cargo prior to shipment.
      1. Partner agent notifies John S. Connor on arrival of any damaged cargo and provides photos.
      2. John S. Connor notifies importer and determines what actions to be taken (ex. Opening cartons for further inspection, replacing outer cartons, etc.)
      3. Once corrective action is complete shipment moves forward.
      4. After customs clearance, delivery may be to routed your warehouse for Q.C. prior to delivery to Amazon
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