Baltimore Responds With Kindness and Hope

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It’s been just over a week since the the Dali departed from Baltimore’s Seagirt Marine Terminal and collided into the Francis Scott Key Bridge. The impact on marine and vehicle traffic has been dramatic and concerning to the communities in the bridge region. The Unified Command is working 24 hours a day to establish a second, temporary channel on the southwest side of the main channel. 

As a business headquartered in Baltimore since 1917, John S. Connor is proud of the overwhelming response of our community in support of the dive teams, emergency workers and first responders. Area restaurants are opening early to feed workers and provide basic needs. Businesses are contributing in humane ways to provide assistance – as local and state agencies provide support for the livelihoods of port workers – with nearly 8,000 jobs directly affected by the port impact. 

In support of workers affected by the port closures, John S. Connor is making a financial contribution to The United Way “Bridging the Gap” Fund.  In the wake of the closure of the Port of Baltimore and the cutoff of a vital section of I-695, this funds efforts in eviction prevention, food access, and other needs for those impacted by the collapse.

Additionally, we will be supporting of the Baltimore International Seafarers Center, a local nonprofit providing services and resources, including hospitality and transportation for the many international crew members who find themselves temporarily living in Baltimore while docked at the port of Baltimore. Eleven vessels, including cargo and bulk carriers, chemical tankers, and naval ships, are said to currently be docked in the harbor as traffic in or out of the Patapsco River has been suspended until further notice. 

Local bakeries, diners and restaurants have been delivering meals to responders at and around the scene, while churches in surrounding neighborhoods have hosted interfaith prayer vigils for those impacted. The North Point Edgemere Volunteer Fire Department collected donated food and water for first-responder teams, while local restaurants have regularly delivered hot meals.

Bay Vanguard Bank in Dundalk has launched two programs to help businesses and individuals affected by the tragedy. The bank is offering no-interest lines of credit and will allow eligible loan recipients to skip some interest payments. The bank has joined with federal and state agencies offering programs to help businesses impacted by the bridge collapse.

What is not lost in the horrific incident is the heart, spirit and willingness to help others throughout the Baltimore community. The overwhelming response of kindness, sharing and sacrifice is no stranger to Baltimore. It’s true, Baltimore is Best – especially in times of need. We’re proud of our roots and especially proud and encouraged by the businesses, agencies and individuals that shine in times of darkness. 

The latest updates on incident response can be found at the following URL:

The Unified Command’s operational priorities are ensuring the safety of the public and first responders, accountability of missing persons, safely restoring transportation infrastructure and commerce, protecting the environment, and supporting the investigation.

John S. Connor will continue to provide email updates and our website. Please reach out if you have any questions or concerns. 

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