Key Bridge Marine Casualty 2024

2024-04-01T15:53:25-04:00April 1st, 2024|
Today, the United States Coast Guard (USCG) planned a Marine Transportation System (MTS) Recovery Update. The following points were discussed during the meeting:
  • Re-opening the channel is the No. 1 priority
  • The vessel – M/V Dali – must be secured before continuing with recovery
    • 140′ barge w/ 2 anchors will be in place soon at vessel
    • Moran has 2 tugs on standby at Tradepoint Atlantic Terminal
  • Heavy assets are confirmed to be on the way to assist with clearing – work is estimated to begin early next week
  • The 2000 Yard Security Zone around the site will be strictly enforced by law enforcement
  • Channel clearing may be interrupted once they gain more access to safely recover victims
  • Daily “Situation Status” emails will be sent starting next week
  • Inquiries/questions can be sent to

CBP has also released a statement regarding cargo destined for the Port of Baltimore or currently being held at the port, quoted as follows:

Vessels arriving with cargo intended for unloading in Baltimore may consider proceeding to a different U.S. port until further notice. Vessel arrival notices and manifest updates, including updating the port of unlading, would be required.

Vessels already in the Port of Baltimore with cargo destined for subsequent U.S. ports will need to consider whether to hold the cargo onboard or discharge the cargo in Baltimore. For cargo not originally intended for Baltimore, manifests will need to be updated and either entry or in-bonds filed to move the cargo from Baltimore via truck or rail to the subsequent destination.

For export cargo, vessel agents/operators will need to determine if unloading cargo from the vessel would be preferred and feasible. Export carriers are allowed to submit export manifest post departure. Carriers are required to submit their export documents, either 1302A or EEM, from the updated port. For affected EEI submissions, the port and date of export would need to be updated.

For U.S. origin cargo, additional approvals related to the Jones Act are required.

To avoid delays with perishable and other agricultural cargo, importers and Customs Brokers importing Agriculture cargo under a USDA import permit are encouraged to review their import permits as they may need to contact the USDA Permit Unit to update the approved arrival ports.

Please contact with any further questions.

John S. Connor will continue to provide updates via e-Campaign and on our website. Please reach out if you have any questions or concerns.

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